28 CHINESE San Antonio Museum of Art

Photographs by Pat Brown 2015

28 CHINESE at the San Antonio Museum of Art presents artworks by twenty-eight contemporary Chinese artists. The cover image is Death of Marat by He Xiangyu, a portrait of his (living) friend Ai Weiwei.

Blue Ink by Chen Wei

Snowball, by Li Ming, is a video of the artist rolling a snowball larger and larger.

Untitled, by Lan Zhenghui, an ink brush painting, is black ink on paper.

Comrade Xiao He No. 3 (on right) by Wang Xingwei

Lovers Are Artists (Part One) by Fan Lu (on left) Unnamed Room No. 2 by Chen Wei

Joseph Beuys & Mao Zedong by Li Zhanyang

Well, by Huang Yong Ping, is three ceramic jars, each housing a taxidermied animal, seen on the next three pages: bats, a snake, a goat.

Memorial for Revolutionary Speech, by Qui Zhijie, calligraphy from the third century B.C. to modern times

Boat, by Zhu Jinshi, is made of thousands of sheets of Xuan rice paper, traditionally used in China for calligraphy and painting. Visitors may pass through the 40-foot interior in a symbolic passage of time and space.

Still from video by Li Ran, "From Truck Driver to the Political Commissar of the Mounted Troops"

28 Chinese Artworks from Miami's Rubell Family Collection

Photographs by Pat Brown Austin, Texas 2015 patbrown617.tumblr.com patbrown617 Flickr patbrown61741 Instagram All rights reserved.

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  • iPhoneArtGirl

    If the only thing we used Steller for was documenting trips and exhibitions, it would be worth it. You've made me want to see this show with the ways you photographed and sequenced your movement through it.

  • deepsilver

    Thanks, Meri. I was really taken with some of the pieces.


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