autumnal equinox

Composed Of Casually Iced Buttercream Cakes, Warm Imagery, Poetry &nd Storytelling To Illustrate The Fleeting Moments Between. Cakes Designed By My Wife Shellane, Head Cake Artisan Apple-Butter Bakery Story Interpreted By @meetdanielbrown

Autumn; "It's Character Like//A Pleasant, Familiar Face//One Worth Falling For."

#poetry #haiku

There’s something ineffable about the fleeting transition from summer to winter, wouldn't you agree??? We hope to demonstrate what happens between, during this transition. #summer #FALL #winter

Autumn Tea; Summer's Gone Away// Winter's Cold Is On Its Way// But Now's Perfection// Is Like A Cup Of Iced Tea// Heated, Brewed, Chilled, Sweetened Bliss.

#poetry #tanka

#Fall "The time when everything bursts with its last beauty, as if nature had been saving up all year for the grand finale. - @laurendestefanoauthor ... We hope to accentuate its summation. #autumn #TIME #beauty

Autumn Elegy; Blossoms, Buds & Pedals We Say Goodbye Again, Oh How I Wish You'll Stay, But Till The Very End... // I'll Embrace What Left You Have To Be So Fruitful... WHOA!!! Who Knew Death Could Look So Beautiful??? // One By One I'll Catch You, While You Fall; But Look How Tall, Your Standing Through It All!!!

#poetry #elegy

#Fall That moment when you hate to see it go but love to watch it leave. Soon the world will be covered in a cobbler crust of brown sugar and cinnamon. - @SarahAddisonAllen We will all be compelled by your dazzling color palette... #leaves #WORLD #color

Autumn; Complete. Deep Tones Cover The Light // Warm Hues Replace The Bright //Come Now, Autumn, Like Your Breezes In The Night.

#poetry #tercet


In Loving Memory Of Leaves, Plants, Flowers, Shrubs, Bushes & The Trees; Till We Meet Again. #stellerfall

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