Channel Islands

California Unspoiled

The Channel Islands of California offer a chance to experience the coastal land as it was before houses, automobiles, and highways. It is a place one can go to for solitude and personal reflection.

People Watching

The trip to the Channel Islands begins in Ventura, California. Surfers also put on a show.

Island Packers provides transportation to the island. We went to Santa Cruz.

A bouy and a gull. (Excuse the pun.)

We were hoping to see whales, but had to settle for this sea otter and porpoises.

The weather changed to overcast as we arrived at Santa Cruz, 32 kilometers off shore.

As the day went on the clouds started to lift. We were rewarded with a view of Anacapa Island.

Thousands of sea birds nest on the island. Many people take time to kayak and snorkel.

Alone in the kelp forest.

The highlight of a trip to the Channel Islands is seeing the island foxes -- a unique species that nearly became extinct.

We were entertained by a kit playing with its mother.

All in all it was a very successful and rewarding trip.

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  • travelourplanet

    wow... the foxes, magnificent, what a scene, beautiful sight, tks


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