Autumn in Aspen

I've spent winters and summers in Aspen, but this is my first autumn. I now understand why the locals say that fall is the best season. Beautiful weather, vibrant colors, crisp air, and the bluest skies. Oh, and of course, the bears.

This is the time of year that bears get serious about finding food to fatten up for the upcoming hibernation. This one wandered into our yard a couple of weeks ago to say hi.

Another day a mama bear and her cub stopped by.

This bear decided to hang out for a while in one of our trees.

So it takes a bit to get used to the bears in the backyard. But once you get over the fear of the them eating you for dinner, you get outside and hit the hiking trails to enjoy all that autumn beauty! (FYI - These are black bears which are generally not aggressive.)

Aspen's fall colors are brilliant.

Our bichon frise Lulu likes to hit the trails with us. She is an incredible hiker!

We find cool things on our hikes like this old homestead from Aspen's silver-mining era.

And the Maroon Bells in autumn don't disappoint.

So if you ever get the opportunity to go to Aspen in the fall, do it!

"I just love the crisp Aspen air blowing in my face."