Last month I was invited to Oman by Helloworld Australia. Having the opportunity to promote a great brand in a great destination was a dream come true for me! Oman is considered a relatively new destination but one that Helloworld are promoting like crazy and I can now see why!


If you've read my second to last Steller you already know what went down on World Tourism Day. This Steller will focus on the rest of my week!

I want to show you a few of my favorite experiences in Oman, facilitated by the experts over at Helloworld. Oman is definitely a country I will go back to. There is so much to love and I hope that my images can entice you too, I feel almost spiritual when I remember my days there!

A visit to the Muscat Fish Market was a huge highlight for me AND it's free! I arrived at dawn and watched the Harbour come to life with fishermen. Deals were brokered, tempers flared, fish were thrown around and laughter was plentiful. This was a cultural dream for me and a great insight into the Omani people.

BTS shot of me setting up for the precious selfie. I set a manual focus and use a timer to run into the shot.

The Grand Mosque was exceptional! The Muslim religion is so beautiful and Oman is a wonderful place to learn about and experience it. I was welcomed to explore and photograph the mosque for as long as I liked and grew to love the call to prayer throughout the day, sunset was my favorite.

The Bimmah sinkhole park BLEW MY MIND! I think this is the prettiest swimming hole I've ever been in. The water was pristine and there were even tiny little fish nibbling your feet in the shallows, like at those foot spa places! I stayed in for over an hour and put our entire day's schedule out. Lol 🐟🐠💙

Pomegranate's! Yep, this was a highlight for me! I actually love Middle Eastern food and embraced the seasonal fruits. Besides Pomegranate I also ate lots of dates, sweet pastries, felafel and other savory delights and gulped my new favorite drink - lemon and mint.

This is how you Pomegranate!

I was incredibly fortunate to be driven around and hosted by local guide Salim and Oman tourism representative Ben. I can't thank them enough for the help and especially the company! We did nothing but laugh in the car and that made my week all the more special! Xxx

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And now for the BTS...

The moral of the story... Go to Oman Book with Helloworld THE END. X

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