RiSE Festival:Jonathan's journey of the lanterns.

The RiSE Festival symbolizes the opportunity to send your wishes and your dreams on a voyage through the Mojave Desert, each lantern set adrift into the dark wondrous night sky as a symbol of a new beginning and a new opportunity to set life on a different course, or set dreams to be fulfilled and become reality. My son discovered, that while Dad has cancer, dad gives him everything he has to help him inspire and learn. It also helps that dad, meaning I have amazing help, and through them my son and I have been blessed.

While my son knows I am sick, I would and have never burdened him with my health. I have tried to be as normal as a floating lantern, floating through the sky.

My son pausing and getting ready to lay down the ink, through his magical wand he will set his dreams a float.

Inspiration is hard work, and the RiSE Festival is a great place to let your little ones draw away.

A little privacy please!

Break: to walk and run and jump and have fun with his old man.

Did I happen to say that it was hot, and every artist needs a burger and fries break too.

Back to work. Where was I?

My son's inspiration is me, and with his trusty black ink sword he gathers his thoughts on the lantern.

Carefully drawing his master piece.

A heart and two people in it ready to blast off

My son and I.


Me: who is that? Son: you and me. Me: why me? Son: because I love you Me: fighting back tears Me: still fighting Me: still fighting Son: gets up and hugs me Me: still fighting

All seriousness aside, have I mentioned how much my son loves food? In case I haven't.

What I wrote on his lantern, words seem to escape me, and thoughts torture me through the sleepless night, but all I ask is that my son never forgets how much I love him.

The night slips into darkness only to be rained on by floating well wishes and unfulfilled dreams.

Over 14,000 lanterns lit the sky, amazing view

What my son symbolizes to me.

What my family symbolizes to me

This was an event to remember, far from me yes, worth the drive to watch my son marvel at the thousands of floating lanterns fill the sky? You bet it was.

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