I decided to start a new chapter in my stories where I'll share a new recipe every month. This month recipe is ARROZ DOCE. I'll share with you a Portuguese version of this recipe.


300ml cream

700ml milk

120gr sugar

vanilla pod

130gr carolino rice

4 eggs yolks


1 cinnamon stick 2 lemon peel strips

PREPARATION Open a vanilla pod and remove the seeds inside. Place in a saucepan the milk and cream and add the vanilla seeds. add the rice, a cinnamon stick, lemon zest and cook over low heat for 12 minutes. In a bowl, mix the egg yolks and sugar. 🔽 scroll 🔽 LITTLE SECRET To join eggnog to the milk, first put a little portion of the milk in the eggnog to get used to the temperature. Remove the lemon peel and the cinnamon stick. Add the milk and eggnog and put on the stove again until the yolks cook and the rice gets thicker. Wait until gets cold and solid. Or if you're like eat when is still warm.

Add cinnamon on top.

Grab a spoon.

See you next month 👋🏻

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