We spent some pretty moments in Tuscany, around the white roads of Chianti; a place where time has stopped and people go biking after the style of the past.

L'Eroica started in 1997 in Gaiole in Chianti. It's a vintage cycling event for riders dressed in period cycle clothes and using a pre 1987 road bike.

Autumn is upon us: the first days when a biting temperature withers the last flowers and drizzles wash away the last memories of the past summer. How lovely is to taste the smell of autumn.

This is the best season to go for a ride in good company up and down the italian Appennines’ hills.

Its name “Eroica" echoes those far-off days of the past era. It’s something a-temporal.

Every ride along those white roads recall the seasons, the places and the encounters that beated the time of our life.  Faces from Eroica...


is Italian way of life

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