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big ideas, small hands

When was the last time your thoughts were completely free to roam about the world? Here's a glimpse into Luca's 5-year-old noggin. Hope it inspires you to follow your own wild adventures!

In school, he learned that "A" is for apples. But he said, "A" looks like a volcano. So we're taking another look at the alphabet. (FYI- "B" is for fish lips.)

One day we tattooed a snake.

And answered the burning question, "Do robots sweat?" (Apparently, yes, if they get too close to the sun.)

We drew tons of bees, made bee cities, a bee coffee place, and even a band called BLO. (bee-lectric light orchestra)

Watch out for the stinger! Aye yi yiiiiii

Some days there are flying fish...

Food trucks (we live in Portland, after all) and pizza planets...

Intergalactic awesomeness and hidden pirate treasures. (He cut the edges to make the map look 1,000 years old. Personally, I was convinced.)

So if you want to draw like Luca, here are a few handy tips...

Hint: Use a straw when making your own live action sets!!

Happy launching!!

Yep. We made it to the neighbor's roof!! Thanks for stopping by! You can see more art and collaborations with me and Luca at Copyright jill dryer 2015

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