Salt Flats


A weekend in Utah's West Desert for the WWIM. Hosted by @weloveutah & Supported by @axiomaviation

After meeting up with @iloveutah & @irockutah we headed west on I-80 toward the Speedway. Rain loomed & things looked grim, but we headed out. Because sometimes you're rewarded by nature for your efforts.

Westbound, I-80

A few things I've learned from going to meets: 1- have fun 2- sleep later 3- always go with the flow

Roadside Cafes πŸ“·: @iloveutah

Late night shoots with new people

and chasing light. Always chasing light.



@iloveutah & Lucy

We caught sunrise on the Flats and went on to rest at camp while others took flights with the gracious @axiomaviation group. My fear of flying in small planes kept me grounded this day, but I'll hopefully be over that for the next time. Check their feed for their awesome story.

Silver Island Mountains

We set out toward the Silver Island Mountains for what would be my last night of adventures for the weekend. Like the first night, rain and washed out roads made things challenging & grim looking, but once again nature rewarded us for our efforts.


Thanks for looking, I hope you enjoyed. Huge thanks to the @weloveutah crew, @axiomaviation and everyone who came out and made an awesome weekend possible. #StellerAdventure #StellerExplore #StellerUtah #StellerStories #WeLoveUtah #WWIM12

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