An unexpected adventure hub

When most Montanans think of adventure hubs they usually think of places like Bozeman, Missoula, Whitefish, etc. But there's one city that always gets left out, Billings. Not only does Billings have great hiking and biking trails around the city, but it serves as the trailhead to endless adventures and diversity.


Let's start the adventure in the city itself.

North of Billings lies the icon sandstone "Rims" that border the city and offer miles of trails for hiking and biking, and anchors for rappelling.

Yellowstone Border

Making up the south border of Billings is the mighty Yellowstone river. This calm section of the river is perfect for relaxing floating, fishing, paddling, or hiking in the numerous parks bordering the river. In this image is also Sacrifice Cliffs, which boasts some pretty amazing views from the top (see next page).

The view from the top of Sacrifice Cliffs


Heading east out of Billings will quickly yield the start of the "badlands" and eventually run into famous badlands such as Makoshika State Park or the Terry Badlands.



Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area is the third deepest canyon in the United States, and yet many Montanans don't even know about it. The endless exploration and solitude are just a few reasons this is one of my favorite places on Earth. From my desk in Billings to the canyon rim only takes a little over an hour!


Beartooth Mountains

An hour west of Billings you'll find yourself amongst Montana's tallest and most unique mountains. This is also home to the famous Beartooth Pass, which is also the most scenic entrance to Yellowstone National Park.

Rimrock Lake, Beartooths

Keep not standing fixed and rooted. Briskly venture, Briskly roam.

Yellowstone Kelly

Billings may be Montana's biggest city at 100,000 people, but it remains an untapped escape for adventurers looking to get away from the crowds. Pair that with the best brewery district in the state and Billings truly won me over.

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  • tbyrnes

    Billings looks freaking amazing. Gateway to all sorts of awesomeness!

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  • cb59_

    Hi Andy, I met you at the Stellermeet in GNP! I'm in Whitefish and your photos changed my mind about Billings!! Wow, it's incredible!! Are you still planning a meet of some sort in Billings? Take care, I'm following you on IG and saw your amazing trip in GNP!! Did you get a new camera?

  • andyaustinphoto

    @cb59_ Just spoke with @tbyrnes this morning, made a tentative plan for a meet here in the next few weeks! More details to follow. No new camera yet, but using my spare for now.

  • cb59_

    Thanks Andy!! I'll have to see how far it is for me to drive there! I sent @tbyrnes an email about the prizes being handed out from the GNP meet but haven't heard anything yet! Do you know what's happening? Thanks again and have a wonderful weekend ✨✨✨😎

  • christianmcld

    I'm Travelling through Montana next year between end April and mid May, it would be awesome to meet up and explore

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    @christianmcld with who Will you explore?

  • christianmcld

    Anyone who wants to join @lyeskachaou 😊

  • andyaustinphoto

    Sorry I'm just seeing this. Let's connect for sure! @christianmcld

  • christianmcld

    Yew! Wanna email me @andyaustinphoto ?


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