The Welsh House

a house lost in time

Far away, amongst the green fields and gentle hills of Camarthenshire, there is a house in which the air hangs heavy with whispers of the past.

Come with me, as we peek through the door and tiptoe inside...

Built in 1755, Bryn Eglur saw centuries of life, love and loss, until 1965, when it was abandoned. Standing empty for decades, the brambles crept up around it and ivy enveloped the roof. Nature was reclaiming it...

One man, Dorian Bowen, had a dream. He saw beauty in the house's dereliction. He bought it and rescued it, painstakingly restoring the lost house to its former state.

The layers of paint are the strata of Bryn Eglur's history. Each scratch or mark on its woodwork contains a secret or a tale.

Inside Bryn Eglur, the past and the present are easy companions. Tradition and comfort co-exist in perfect harmony.

The sunlight shines through the windows, just as it has always done. The trees rustle in the wild garden beyond.

Under the eves, a soft bed beckons.

Let us tiptoe away from the old house now, as it sleeps amongst the trees, awaiting its next visitors. The house lost in time has been found again, and is loved. Story by

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