Sincerely, Kristen

Dear canvas, You are brand new, and you are scary. I don't mean to be harsh, just honest. And you're not ugly natural, you are always beautiful! But I thought it might be fun to play dress up. So I laid out paints that we can play with. I hope you like them.

I heard about what happened at the canvas stretcher last week. That sounded so rough! Put you in a tight spot I suppose? Let's work with blue first then. A color to match a mood.

If there's anything I've learned during rough weeks, I know things always get better. Sometimes you just have to jump out of bed, eat sunny side up eggs for breakfast, and do the little things that add bits of color to your day.

Soon you'll have so much color in your day that you'll feel like a different person. It's true, I wouldn't lie to you! You'll think back to those blue days and smile because you've come a long way without even noticing it. And let things get messy sometimes. That's when things get fun.

So my advice is to just keep on doing the little things, they can really add color to your world. (Sorry, you know I've always been a cheeseball 😏)

Talk to you soon. I had fun today. Sincerely, Kristen

P.S. Sorry for calling you scary earlier.

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  • tbyrnes

    Cute! Nice work on the painting..Italy seems to be treating you well :)

  • karen

    Love it Kristen!

  • _Kristen

    @tbyrnes yes!! Very well! :) I do miss everyone at home though! Hope to see you soon -@karen you too, missing everyone so much!

  • annld60



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