of Symbiosis

"I'm Dijon. What's your name?" "Sunshine."

Right- "This weekend I experienced one of my biggest fears. I had a visual & felt experience of betrayal. Good news is I survived this experience, and even better news is that it took me on a profound inward journey to more deeply connect to the part of me that needed to be loved & integrated. Now I have deeply felt within who I really am & who I can be to myself. I AM the unconditional love I have been looking for."

"The water in heaven tastes like nectar. I know because I've visited and drank some."

That time I met Sylvan Esso!

The art at the festival was SO DOPE!!

"Have you ever lost yourself in a kiss? I mean pure psychedelic inebriation. Not just lustful petting but transcendental metamorphosis when you became aware that the greatness of this being was breathing into you."

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  • iPhoneArtGirl

    I adore your way of using this space!!!! With this at burning man? Sorry to be so lame… I'm guessing that... Your shot of the two heads burning? Killer!!!!

  • soulsofsociety

    @iPhoneArtGirl thank you! This was at symbiosis

  • iPhoneArtGirl

    Just looked it up! I had no idea... Must go next year! You've expanded my world and my heart with your story πŸ™

  • soulsofsociety

    @iPhoneArtGirl so glad to hear that πŸ˜„πŸ™πŸΎ

  • bellyduarte

    Snap: bellyduarte12 e Twitter: duarteisabely12 segueeee


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