This is a word I learnt whilst on this awesome #stellermeetparis... in French it simply means this way! These are the things we did on this meet.

"Par ici"

What's Paris without sitting in a garden drinking amazing coffee made by @mary_quincy

#paris #creative #city #love #photography #stellerverse

Then we set off, with @juanjerez as route master!

@freepy + @SomeCatherine


Then we were heading for lunch, it was warm and we needed to stop walking, plus lunch sounded awesome! We found a cool bridge on our way.

(Lunch Break!)

Then the best bit... that Parisian view!

Thank you to everyone who came out, it was epic! Remember to post your stories by next Sunday for a chance to win some awesome prizes from Joby Let's do this again real soon. #stellermeetparis #stellerfrance

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