I was aware of the culture of Bali when I first visited the island in 2013. My expectations were to shoot some beautiful landscapes. Of course I did this, but the kindness of the people there moved me into doing some Street Photography.

I was really surprised to see so many people smiling under whatever condition. It seems that the religions there are doing a good job.

The rice paddies, ceremonies, dreamy beaches and the ocean. Even if Bali feels the pressure under tourism, I was able to find quiet and magic places.

One day I was alone in the ocean with my board and the elements. Behind me the darkened beach enlighted by some fires and candle lights. The sound of the waves. A smell of burned coconuts and seafood in the air. In front of me there was this magic sunset. A colorful night sky and in within minutes the golden sun dived peacefully into the ocean.

When you live this moment, time stands still. I will always carry this moment in my heart.

"In the end it’s not the destination that makes you want to come back. It’s the people! I miss the island of gods." - Jorn Straten

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  • sonia_primerano

    Beautiful, intriguing, captivating and heart-touching photographs and story. Thank you for sharing!

  • vicki_disney

    Lombok and Bali ~ 2 of my favourite places in the world .

  • okragirl

    Great work !!Images and more then your words 🙌

  • lisalyo


  • karla_schwede

    Thank you very much! I had the same feelings when I visited Bali for the first time 1991. The people make it a magical place. When I came back to Europe I was a different person. 👍

  • frichiela

    this is beautiful ❤️

  • iwwm

    Beautiful work Jorn! I'm balinese I'm really love the way you show Bali in your style👏🏻


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