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This is a Steller with a difference! This is my story from yesterday when I took part in a world first tourism initiative for Helloworld. 12 photos in 12 hours from sunrise to sunset. In Oman! Here's how it all went down... #helloworldRELAY

Jabal Shams sunrise Jabal Shams is the mountain of the sun, an alien landscape that transforms with the dawning of the day. The RELAY begins.

I wanted to capture 2-3 photos over dawn and sunrise to kick start my posts for the day and also because we would be spending quite a lot of time on the road between cities. Despite a major internet drama in the mountains we got the first post up and we were up and running.

My local guide Salim was not only a driver and facilitator, he also made a handy model. That light though! 😳😍

I really wanted to capture the feeling of Oman throughout the day, the people and food and details. Salim was an awesome addition to several of my shots!

This was dawn, minutes before the sun poked her head up. I couldn't resist a quick selfie in a landscape the likes of which I'd never seen before!

I knew that I wanted at least one photograph with myself in it and I couldn't think of a better time to capture it than dawn. The start of a huge and amazing and challenging day!

Salim on the road. I needed to limit road shots as time was of the essence if I was to get twelve images shot and posted on Instagram.

This guy made my day and this is one of my favorite RELAY shots! Here's a couple more that weren't posted ...

The pottery factory was in Bahla and was a definite highlight. The locals here in Oman are so warm and welcoming. They even offered to let me have a turn on the pottery wheel. ... I said it was best for everyone if I didn't! Haha

On the way out of Bahla we stopped at the ruins, they are 1,600 years old!

The ruins were so interesting and I learned that they are going to be restored. How exciting for Oman! As we were approaching the middle of the day I decided to try my hand at more detailed shots for coming posts.

Another favorite and this time from Nizwa, pomegranates at a roadside stall.

Pomegranate's have such a short season so I was thrilled to be here for that. We also explored a nearby fruit market and checked out some local sweets but the Pomegranate's were my choice for the post! We grabbed lunch in Nizwa before hitting the road again!

Can you believe this is Oman?! This is Al Hamra and my 8th post!

Al Hamra was a brief stop before our final destination of Misfah. We had an instameet planned followed by sunset and the end of the RELAY! These date palms are watered by a complex and ancient irrigation system and the entire town is green and lush!

The door to the spice markets, Nizwa!

For my 9th post I went back to Nizwa because I really wanted to show off this lovely door! Unfortunately the spice markets that lie beyond the door were closed for the day.

Misfah Old House.

We visited the Misfah old house to wait for the @igersmuscat crew to arrive for our instameet. This place is amazing, super authentic and the only accomodation in the entire village! We had dates and local coffee while we waited!

Since "Misfah" roughly translates to a protected area or haven I spent time photographing the flowers and fruit trees!

The last post! Sunset from Misfah!

Before I knew it sunset was upon us and I took my last photos for the day. What an incredible opportunity to photograph Oman in 12 hours and take part in the RELAY! Thanks to @helloworldau and @omantourismau for the faith in me! Check them out on Instagram!

With the @igersmuscat crew, I love them all!!


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