my favorite coffee places in Paris

Café? Coffee!

Here's the collection of my favorite coffee places in Paris. I used not to drink coffee and still prefer tea most of the time, but these places are just too irresistible. Don't miss out if you ever come to Paris!

Boot Café, the tiniest café in Paris. And probably the cutest.

Situated in a lovely courtyard, Honor Café has a beautifully calm atmosphere. Perfect for a coffee break after long shopping hours on Rue Saint Honoré.

La Caféoteque

Shakespeare & Co. café, the biggest buzz in town lately.

their cakes are from Broken Biscuits, one of my recent favorites.

Institute Suedois

they have a really lovely courtyard, where you can enjoy coffee and hearty Swedish pastries. Perfect for summer time.

Don't miss out if you love reading!

Merci Used Book Café

Folks & Sparrows. Great sandwiches, really cozy and spacious interior, and super nice staff made it one of my favorite meeting points.


café Kitsuné, where the best matcha latté is served

Fragments. love their chai-latté! ☕️

Broken Biscuits

wonderful homemade pastries are served with local-brewed coffee

Strada Café

Coutume Instituutti

Hexagone Café

Café Verlet

If you are a coffee connaisseur, this is where you would definitely love. Coffee and tea from different origins and rare specialities are waiting to be discovered.

Café Oberkampf

a new but famous address in town

their toasted banana bread is really yum 😉😋

Cuiller Café

a really lovely and cozy café in Montmartre

beautiful latte art ensured

by the former best barista in France

to keep updated of all the good addresses and places to visit in Paris, check @applespoon on IG.

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  • Kardemomme

    L o v e it!! 😍💕

  • Kardemomme

    Here I am again..I had to see this one more time! This is exactly the type of cafees I love! Thank you for this guide! :)

  • applespoon

    @Kardemomme hey that's great to know! I'm so happy that you like it! ❤️🙌🏻

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  • bobyroll

    I've kept this for my first visit, have 10 planed for our visit to Brisbane Australia😆 did I mention all in one day

  • applespoon

    @bobyroll 😂😂😂 good luck with the coffee shop hopping trip in Paris then! I'm sure you'll enjoy that! 👍🏻

  • KodakmomentNina

    Love cafes like this! 💜

  • by_l_a_u_r_a

    I love coffee spots ❤️ my passion! Aww now I have the perfect excuse to travel again to beautiful Paris! 🙊☕️✨

  • applespoon

    @KodakmomentNina same here! 😊 glad to know!

  • applespoon

    @by_l_a_u_r_a totally!! come back soon! ☺️

  • croutonmon

    Wow 😻

  • pratiwiham

    It seems the different than the last time I visited this place

  • pratiwiham

    I mean the Shakespeare and Co

  • pratiwiham

    I just realise it's different than the bookshop, isnt it?


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