A day in these boots

Dust, Dirt, and Wildfire

A quick lap around Division Bravo gives us a birds eye view of the ground we will be working.

As each blade cut through the air I could see the LZ coming into view.

The fire is slow to wake this morning after a quick shot of summer moisture last night.

Establishing a lookout and prioritizing the areas with the most potential once it dries out.

While scouting the perimeter we find a number of fire weakened trees that will need to be eliminated before working in the area.

Once the hazard trees are on the ground the crew can put in a fire line to contain fire spread.

With each stroke of the tool we are that much closer from getting the job done.

Re-supplies are flown into the area to support the operation.

A quick game over lunch

Then for the commute home to Spike Camp

After a long day on the line, the natural potholes hidden beneath the grass and scattered throughout the meadow, made walking exceptionally difficult. The crew spread out and made their way back to Spike Camp as if a little alone time during the commute was needed to help recharge from the day. As I stepped over another channel of water that meandered through the flat ground of Montana, I caught a glimpse of a couple brook-trout darting up stream. I smiled and looked down at my GPS hoping I could have enough time to catch one or two for dinner. This four and a half mile hike was starting to feel more like ten and the darker it got my dinner prospects began to look less like fresh fish and more like a military grade MRE (meal ready to eat). The last sliver of light slid through the canyon walls to our west as the sun dipped behind the horizon placing the mountain meadow in a shadow that would last the night. In the distance I could see the reflection of our overnight bags still laying in the nets that they had been slung into the sight with. With the end in sight, I could almost hear my sleeping bag calling my name.

With the rising sun comes cowboy coffee and a plan for the day. Some additional snagging will be required before an evening extraction.

One by one the line is cleared

Now we wait for our ride.

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