of San Francisco

“Are you two a couple?” Her - “No.” “Brother and sister?” Him - “No.” “You look so in sync though.” Her - “We just always run into each other randomly. He told me I had good style.” Him - “When ran into each other when I was walking my roommates dog, I didn’t tell her it was my roommates dog at first, and we started walking together, she picked up her dog and then we got to Dolores Park-” Her - “-and then he had this confession-” Him - “-I was like ‘hey, I have to tell you something…this is not my dog. I have a feeling we’re gonna hang out again so I want you to know this is not my dog’.”

“How many times have you been in love?” “I don’t know…one and a half? I just got super dissed by someone I thought I was in love with. Maybe it wasn’t love, but it felt like it. Might have just been lust.” “What’s the difference to you?” “I feel like really knowing someone is love, but we didn’t know each other at all.”

"Man…you sure are styling!" "A-what?" "I like your clothes." "Oh thank you." "Are you from Italy?" "A-yes. It is my country." "I’ve always wanted to go there." "Yes, very beautiful." "Would you mind if I took you picture?" "A-No…I’m a very poor man." "It doesn’t cost anything…it’s free." "You like me?" "Yes, I do." "Cheeeeeeeeese."

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