Wingsuit BASE jumping the Alps

Every year we scrape what little we have to make a pilgrimage to Europe in order to BASE jump majestic peaks without the threat of arrest we face in the United States. Freedom is in the hills and the hills are free in Europe

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  • karen

    Ohhhhhhhh man. This is insane!

  • jacobwfrank

    I was just reading an article about the sport. It seems that all the video I see is of flying very low or splitting obstacles. Do some people just jump and fly around without the added obstacles? Seems cool in itself to be able to fly.

  • karen

    Just read about Ian- im so very sorry for your loss. Thanks for sharing this ❤️

  • lovemyhouse

    WOW!! awesome + frightening (for me ;-)

  • dawnamuller

    Hi Matt, were you and your friends flying in Lautenbrunnen a few weeks ago? I took some photos of a guy and got his email after to send him the photo but now cannot find it because I don't remember his name. He said he just finished doing stunts for Gostbusters 2. Cool Steller story!!

  • mattblanket

    @jacobwfrank actually yes, many people enjoy just flying without the added risk of being close to objects

  • mattblanket

    @dawnamuller yeah we were all in Lauterbrunnen, if you send me the photo I can probably tell you who it is. Small community

  • mattblanket

    @karen thanks, he was beautiful

  • karen


  • fajarfirman

    This is insane! Cool!

  • desianwar


  • val_ci

    Real bat man... Insaaaane 👏👏👏

  • winakinan



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