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10° 19′ 47″ S 76° 25′ 55″ W

Suddenly there were nothing else than a cloudy and frozen world. Alone. We were in a tent too little for all three of us and covered by a blanket of snow. In the still of the night we could hear clear whispers...

Life makes us face experiences we had never planned, visit places we had never heard about, meet people we had never imagined. This story takes place in Cordillera Huayhuash - Peru.

We went to Peru on assignment for Ragni di Lecco. We focused on shooting about climbing and cultural aspects for an incoming film.

Land of discoveries and mysteries, beloved and regretted, Peru will always bound up with memories of the people who ventured into his mountains.

As a farmer, wandering around his fields, foresees a forthcoming frost, a mountaineer reads the warning of the snow, of a glacier or of an unreachable summit.

Therefore, the new goal is only moved a few meters away: the Jirishanca Chico.

The night is falling at the advanced basecamp.

Mountaineering is one of the finest art. When we face mother nature, when we provoke it or we honor it, we are not just living, but we are making our life looking like an artwork.

In the still of the night we could hear clear whispers. It was the music of the stars that lingered above us. They kept us company singing the nature’s mystery.

JIRISHANCA CHICO Ragni's Route 400m First ascent D+

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