| a Steller Hideout |


So we held a #stellermeet in Capitol Reef National Park, which is "off the grid" and rich in old Wild West history and lore. We were accompanied by cool sponsors @keen, @backcountry, and @goalzero, and Steller editors!

Butch Cassidy and his Wild Bunch used this place as refuge for many years. Rough terrain, rocky mazes, and remoteness made Capitol Reef the perfect hideout. With lawmen on their trail, they needed a place to hide, and this was the place.

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While in hiding, time was plentiful. Outlaws passed the time of day by telling stories. @hike_utah @cairofoster @kapowder @10ninjas @tbyrnes

and practiced quick draw against themselves, actually shooting their shadows.

As you can imagine, an outlaw rarely bathed, but self presentation was key. @i_chrissy

The Wild Bunch depended on climbing skills, providing ideal lookouts. @kapowder (Get ready to flip your phone) (Landscape)

Butch Cassidy Lore

One member of the Wild Bunch stole a horse from a boy. Weeks later Butch Cassidy found out and confronted the outlaw ordering him off the horse and told him "to start walking."

Pictured: @jordansmihphotography

Butch Cassidy Lore

A Wild Bunch outlaw, separated from the gang during a getaway, without a surviving horse, made his way back to Robbers Roost on foot, under dark Milky Way skies.

Pictured: @cory_harmon

#stellermeetcapitolreef gave us a peek inside the lives and conditions of the Wild Bunch led by Butch Cassidy. We had an epic time, and can't wait for the next gathering.

The Wild Bunch hideout was never discovered by lawmen.