The Night Is Simply Jealous

September 20, 2015

During the last 5 years, I've taken late afternoon walks daily with my iPhone, just looking at what's in plain sight. I've begun to notice that Nature's simple dance is an unfathomable spectacle in which darkness never fails to cradle the light.

The Things I Want Most Always Lie Outside My Comfort Zone.

If You Insist On Knowing My Bliss.

Such Tender Persuasion.

I Believe I Can Fly.

God, It's Hard On The Chamber's Walls of Heartache.

Another Troubled Soul.

We Are Still One Another's Only Hope.

And It Feels So Good.

Lay Your Head On My Shoulder.

I'm Falling Into You.

Don't Let The Devil Fool You, Here Comes The Dove.

Love Is Surely Gospel.


Original #iphoneography and #poetry © 2015, Meri Aaron Walker, Talent, OR. All rights reserved. Excerpted from upcoming books. Images available on a variety of materials. Come along: I do mobile art and creativity workshops:

I Can't Measure My Love, There's Nothing To Compare It To.