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A farm-to-table experience at Babylonstoren.

| BABYLONSTOREN | An enchanting place where the pure enjoyment of homegrown food and community is celebrated. An experience of bird song, freshly baked wood oven bread, a lush landscape, trickling streams, the sweet scent of Jasmine and Cherry Blossoms, and company shared with compassionate like minded people.


| Babylonstoren |

Early morning hue and a spectacular view.

Experience true organic creativity at the Farm Store.

Food . Drinks . Cookbooks . Decor . Inspiration Created by Maranda Engelbrecht

Lucky enough to be present for an exotic orchid delivery to decorate the Farm Store.

Babylonstoren photographs printed onto raw linen table cloths.

Pick and eat a piece or fruit directly from the gardens.

Enjoy lunch in the glass house in the middle of the beautiful gardens.

Capture the beauty.

Liese Kuhn

If only you could smell the sweet enchanting scent of these Cherry Blossom Trees...

A view shared with companionship.


| Farm-to-table restaurant at Babylonstoren. |

My first time at Babel...

I had to book 2 months in advance for Babel. I was so excited I got there really early so that I could experience the presence of the space before it filled up with people. The light was calm and soft, and it was a quiet day with only bird song. It felt magical to be in such a beautiful place. And I haven't even began to talk about the food yet!

Calm . Light . Beauty

Freshly baked breads.

| Soul Food |


| Babel - Restaurant, cookbook and recipes all by the talented Maranda Engelbrecht. |



You are served freshly baked bread, homemade butter and basil pesto, and an array of fruits to sample that are currently growing in the garden.


A color coded salad with smoked salmon, fresh fruit and vegetables from the garden.

| MAIN |

Fillet steak on the bone with mushrooms grown in the gardens.


Tequila lemon Parfait with crushed sea salt served in frozen lemon peel shells.

| THE END | Instagram: matannakatz

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