Desert Solitude

Finding Tranquility in Capitol Reef

Capitol Reef sees a relatively small number of visitors each year in comparison to the other National Parks in Utah. It could be that many people just don't know about the beauty of the area, or it could be that it's a bit rugged and untamed compared to the other parks, but for those looking for adventure and solitude, Capitol Reef Delivers.

Magic awaits in this Desert Kingdom

You can hike among the clouds.

Or walk beneath an ancient bridge.

You can storm the castle

Or dream beneath the stars

All you need is a full tank and the kingdom is yours.

The beauty of Cathedral Valley is especially stunning.

Cathedral Valley is located in the remote north west corner of Capitol Reef. It takes a high clearance 4x4 and a solid weather window to access most of the valley. Because of the remote nature of this area, you are guaranteed no crowds and a tranquility that is hard to find in most National Parks.

You can camp among giants

and wake up to golden rays of light cascading down majestic monoliths.

You can worship in your own way at The Temple of the Sun

Or meditate at The Temple of the Moon.

and Capitol Reef is a great spot to do some yoga!

The Fremont Indians inhabited this area over a thousand years ago and their ancient stories and art are etched into the rock walls throughout the park.

There is just so much to see and do in this massive playground.

Your own story is just waiting to be written.

So what are you waiting for?

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