Body Language

No need for words

Body language is an important part of communication. When it is involuntary can transmit the meanings most disparate depending on how it is observed. The eye of the camera, or in my case of my iPhone, it often reveals situations or attitudes that I had not perceived while I was capturing the subject

"Waiting for Godot"


Greedy as a child

Appetizing and #sexy

#hope dies last

Exulting, sated, curious, desperate, dreamer, loving, tender, doubtful

Esultante, sazio, curioso, disperato, sognatore, amorevole, tenero, dubbioso

Rebel | Ribelle

All photos are taken by me with iPhone 5S. Fabio Giavara Thanks #stellerstories #stelleritalia #steller #iphoneography #iphoneonly #stellerperson

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