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In turning distractedly to look at the canal, I can see it. I’ve passed through here many times before, and every time I stop to look at that beautiful branch of the fig tree that sticks out from some kind of secret garden and stretches over the canal.

The warm air of September deceives me. It looks like summertime but you, dear little old Tree, remind me that Autumn is getting near. Do you see? I’m back to see you and thanks to you, I’ve remembered to look at the leaves in my garden. I’ve a fig tree too! And have picked lots of perfect small figs from it.

First: You should use brown sugar. This isn’t good for every kind of jam, but for fig jam it’s perfect because the fruit caramelised differently compare to white one. Second: you should make the jam a bit at time. Therefore, don’t fill very large pots to the brim but make smaller quantity, enough to fill two or three jars at the most. Third: cook slowly on a low heat for about one hour, ensuring that the fruit dries well.

I assure you that by following these three steps, together with good quality figs – better if they are small and not too watery – you will have the best jam ever made. INGREDIENTS * Makes about 2 jars • 1 kg fresh figs (good quality, better if they are small and not to watery) • 200 g Brown sugar

INSTRUCTIONS • Wash and wipe dry the figs. Take off the tip and cut into 4 wedges. Then, put them into a non-stick saucepan. • Cook over a low heat for about 10/15 minutes untill the figs are soft. • Add the sugar and simmer for about 50 minutes stirring occasionaly until thickened. • Pour the hot jam into the sterilised jars, then put the lid on and close well, and turn the jars upside down. • Cover the jars with a blanket so that they will cool down slowly and will be vacuum-sealed.

A recipe by The Freaky Table • Instagram/Facebook @thefreakytable #stellerstories #foodphotography #stelleritalia #inspiration #foodstyling

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    Totally love this, I have a massive fig tree and make jam every year, this year I will use this recipe! Thanks so much for the inspiration 🙌🏼X

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    Our figs are staying green this year unfortunately - do you think jam would work with figs that aren't so ripe? Seems a shame to let them just fall off the tree as I have more than 60 of them right now...

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