Joshua Tree

Jonathan's first experience of the amazing Joshua Tree National Park.

Living in the city one forgets about the simple joys in life. From enjoying the landscapes of the mountains on a road trip, to witnessing the Milky Way on a dark moonless night at Joshua Tree National Park. This is my son's first trip to JTNP, and it is his first weekend without electronics of any kind. This will be an adventure for both of us. His first real taste of the wilderness that surrounds our city.

The crew is set and ready to part on the latest adventure!

The campsite has been picked, overlooking the glorious rock formations of Joshua Tree.

The crew is full of spirit and ready to climb to new heights.

Cast or no cast, there is no boulder too high that the crew won't attempt to conquer.

The pose of a warrior, the confidence to climb and forget any worries.

Excitement builds, and the crew continues to explorer the land

The sun begins its path to set and let in the Milky Way of stars flood the sky.

Good night sun, may you give us another new day tomorrow with a new beginning to change the world.

The glorious rocks and the sky meet to give us a canvas that is the night sky.

The sleeping quarters have been laid, ready to accept the crews tired bones and rest

Nothing beats a comfy sleeping pad to ensure a comfortable sleep.

The night sky paints itself with so much depth that the crew begin to dance in celebration of the night

"To inspire them, is to light a fire that will last a life time"


The lights are lit, setting their imaginations free.

Have you ever seen a sad child with a s'more? Never going to happen.

The morning sun rises and gives the crew a howling wake up call

Technology what technology, who wants to sit and stare at a screen when you got this to climb?

The day begins, and sets its glorious rays on the crew that has climbed new heights.

But with every adventure there comes an end, so the crew cleans up and gets ready to trek into the park.

View? What view, did someone say view?

The reward for finding the long lost Belly Flowers, a kings ransom at the JT gift shop.

Tired from trekking, and discovering the wonders of JT, so tired not even a bottle of Dr Pepper can revive the crew.

Last stop was Pioneer Town, by the way have you seen this adventurer ?