2 "Siamese" Temples



In 1907, the Thai king Rama V., aka Chulalongkorn, visited Bad Homburg to take the waters. In honour of him, the city named a new mineral spring after the king. And in turn, as a sign of his gratitude for this and for his cure, the king presented the city with a temple like building as canopy for the spring. It is leaf gilded and was built in Bangkok, transported to Germany in parts and reassembled on site in 1914 - four years after the king's death.


In 2007, the Thai royal house presented Bad Homburg with yet another temple. King Bhumipol and king Sirikit endowed this second one in honour of the 100th anniversary of king Chulalongkorn's visit. Their only request was that it would stand at the Chulalongkorn Spring, as the former king originally had wished (but Bad Homburg's landscapers had decided against and put it at a more prominent spot). Both salas are magnets for visitors, and every year, many Thais residing in Germany celebrate their beloved Siamese king's day of death at the two salas.

August 2015