Pistachio & Rose Cake

My next guest in the From My Kitchen series is someone I’ve followed for the longest time, via her blog Me & Orla and her beautiful Instagram feed of the same name Me & Orla. ‘Me’ is Sara, Orla her little girl and I fell for her journal-style blog that is a ‘sometimes-record of our life together with recipes, daydreams, shopping lists & a lot of photographs of things we had in cafes.’

I asked Sara to share a recipe with me that I would then make, style and shoot.

Sara chose this incredible cake which I’ll let her tell you why... 'I was visiting a particular Manchester cafe quite a lot in the spring after Orla was born, ostensibly for its healthy soups & breastfeeding-friendly vibe – but became slightly obsessed with this beautiful pink-and-green fragrant cake. I spent several Sundays trialing recipes at home to perfect a recreation, and got so good at it I eventually made it for Orla’s Christening ceremony in the summer. Now just a taste of it takes me back to those strange and sunny days, when the roses were in bloom and my girl was tiny and new.’

Isn’t that the loveliest reason for sharing a recipe?

Full details on the blog www.borrowed-light.com Find me on Instagram @catherine_frawley With thanks to Sara www.meandorla.com

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