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I have been in amongst the hedgerows since I was young. During those long summer holidays a friend and I would go hunting for blackberries along fields and country lanes that only locals know. I have always known of the joy of foraging for fruit among bejewelled brambles and the bounty that the hedgerow holds. I therefore thank the miles and miles of hedgerows, for the diversity of the food held within and of the simple joy, with basket in tow, of being lost in the forage. Take a walk with me into the hedgerow.

To the hedgerows with love and gratitude. x.


Deep rich flavours. I see cordials and fruit pies

Crab apples. The perfect source of pectin for jams or a lovely jelly.

Plums of all colours. All so deliciously sweet.

Damsons and sloes

Jam, gin or fruit pies are calling.

Sweet rosehip tea

Honeysuckle for lemonades

Coconut tasting cobnuts for granola

Nothing is complete without oodles of blackberries

Photos by Lorraine Gardens Instagram @LorraineGardens LorraineGardens.co.uk

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