Cherry ganache cake

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Here is a cake with a pastry and a chocolate ganache and cherries cooked jam and sparkling wine for dessert a bit 'special. For #stelleritalia

Ingredients: Shortbread: 00 flour - 280g Powdered sugar - 125g Butter - 125g Cocoa - 20g Egg yolks - 3 Ganache: Dark chocolate 70% - 350g Cream - 250ml Gelatin - 2 sheets Fruit: Cherries - 1kg Brown sugar - 250g Sparkling wine - 1 cup Lemon juice - 1

How to do: Washed and pitted cherries. Cut them in half and put one hand to cook with 200g sugar and the lemon juice until they get a jam. The other half of the saute pan with 50g of sugar and a glass of sparkling wine for about 15 minutes.

Soften the butter. Meanwhile recreated the classic fountain with the flour and cocoa, sugar and then put in the center the yolks and add the softened butter and started to knead until dough is smooth. Line a silicone cake mold with a diameter of 24cm. Bake the shell in the microwave for 10 minutes two times and then let it cool.

Boil the milk and then pour the previously grated chocolate forming a ganache. Stir in the ganache jam made first and then pour the gelatin previously soaked in very cold water and then sentry in 2 tablespoons milk. Pour the ganache into the pie shell and place it in the refrigerator. After 45 minutes you have on the surface of the sweet cherries cooked in wine and leave it in the refrigerator for at least 8-10 before tasting.

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