of Oakland

"I was even more fabulous 5 minutes ago when I had my gold roller skates on but I was getting a little too drunk to be skating around."

"We met in Atlanta on New Years!"‬

“What was the moment you knew you liked him?” Her - “When he told me believe in God.” Him - “For me it was when I noticed she was smart. That she had a brain.” “What tipped you off?’ Him - “I could tell just by the way she talked that she had some kind of sense.”

“What’s one of your favorite things about yourself? “That I like to have fun and I play where ever I go.” “What is play to you?” “Play is being curious about my environment and myself and interacting with that. My dream is to continue to play and help others do that as well.”

“What’s a difficult situation you overcame in your life and what did you learn?” “I was in Africa volunteering at a program teaching kids and it was too much but I didn’t stop doing it because I wanted to get a scholarship to go to school. I ended up getting in trouble for a part of me that I didn’t recognize or give credit to. That part of me, my sensuality, came out in a way that was inappropriate. One thing I’ve learned is to always be really true to yourself, know what your needs are, and realize we are dynamic people. Really recognizing what your authentic self is will help you navigate your way in life. I was in denial that I am a sensual, artistic person. That was one part of myself that I pushed down, but when push came to shove it exploded in a really not cool way. Since then I’ve brought myself together, so when I say ‘play’ it means constantly engaging your senses with curiosity so that you don’t all the sudden have an explosion somewhere in your life.”

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