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In a day when our photography experience is measured by image quality, ISO, megapixels, mirrorless, dslr, etc, etc, technology defines our experience.

How about this... (@tbyrnes)

Simplify your photography experience. (@cairofoster)

Add a new camera to your arsenal... (@karen)

...the disposable kind! (@irockutah)

You'll find it quite liberating..

I take mine when I walk my dog,...

I take one on family vacations...

and I keep It in my pocket... (It only weighs 4.5 oz)

Sometimes it's more about the memory...

You can still get those group shots...

...and you'll take yourself a little less seriously.

Even though composition is King, Spontaneous moments rule.

So here's my challenge... (@cory_harmon)

Pick up a disposable camera and simplify your next outdoor experience.

You'll love it. I guarantee it.

Cover shot captured by @karen

All shots taken with a FUJIFILM Quicksnap disposable camera.


  • irockutah


  • iloveutah

    Thanks buddy. 👊

  • joe_montoya

    Super idea! Great moments.

  • karen

    I love this Kenyon!! Those photos are so good too.

  • peachy_val

    I love your story. Funny to see today because just two weeks ago I did just that. Took a disposable camera to a river with friends. It was nice because I only had a number of pictures I could take instead taking 500 on my phone.

  • rukhsanasukhan

    I like the days of film photography because we were limited by how much film we had, it forced us to consider carefully what to capture with the camera. It seems like photography has become another way for people to consume things, in this digital era. Love this story!

  • cory_harmon

    Awesome! Those turned out amazing! So good. 👊🏻

  • Backcountry

    Throw back! What a fun idea @iloveutah

  • tbyrnes

    I'm backing that challenge! LOVE this and your voice, what an amazing storytelling voice you have!

  • ghostedout

    You know, I think you really have a point! Lovely book

  • jeffreykedwards

    perfect... it was never about the camera, always the moment and perspective...

  • Chandra

    I love all your Utah images...I grew up in Idaho Falls, so seeing the region sometimes feels like home. 😊

  • Es_Dons

    I bought one at the beginning of the summer and have a couple left to take before its used up. Everything I've shot has been a major part of my summer memory and I can't wait to get them all printed. I think I'm going to make it a regular summer tradition to shoot each whole summer on one disposable.

  • maryfaletau

    I'll take on this Challenge! Loved the Captions, #SpotON👍🏼

  • iloveutah

    @joe_montoya thanks Joe, I first started this when I found a few disposable cameras on clearance at a grocery store. I've never looked back. Love the look and experience of a disposable camera.

  • iloveutah

    @karen thanks Karen 🙏 glad you liked them. The look and feel of these photos are so retro, love then. Actually. I did not edit the photos at all, I just uploaded the scans from the filmlab. People don't realize it's a disposable camera until you advance to the next frame and when you hear the manual gear noise, people say "hey is that a disposable camera? I remember those!" Love it. And thanks again Karen.

  • iloveutah

    @peachy_val Valeria, thank you so much. I agree with you, if I'm using my dslr, I'm taking 300-600 photos, depending on the trip. It's great to slow it down, count your number of exposures and document your experience in retro fashion. Plus, you're more engaging in your outdoor experience. Thanks again. Valeria!

  • iloveutah

    @roxannesukhan very well said Roxanne, I agree, I admit I get caught up in the digitial photography race and I do embrace it. However it's great to go back to film and slow it down. Through film cameras or disposable. I remember as a kid using disposable cameras on camping trips. Fun to go back. Thanks again Roxanne

  • iloveutah

    @cory_harmon thanks Cory. They did turn out well, considering a fixed aperture and plastic lens. And not to mention this camera was expired! Fun to have on a trip and even better the weight! They weigh almost nothing. photos of you turned out awesome. I'll always keep one in my bag. Thanks again Cory

  • iloveutah

    @Backcountry I love the retro vibe disposable cameras give. Plus this camera had expired so that added to the retro feel I'm sure. These cameras are resilient as well, pretty rugged. I'll always have them in my bag. Thanks!

  • iloveutah

    @tbyrnes Thanks Tricia! Glad you like my voice. Love that about Steller, individualized story telling. And I'm glad you're taking the challenge! The look and feel of the photos along with the memories will be well worth it. I love it and will always have a disposable camera in my bag. Let's do it for capitol reef!

  • iloveutah

    @ghostedout thanks Matt, it's been quite fun experimenting with disposable cameras and I'm hooked. I'll always have one in my bag. Thanks again Matt!

  • iloveutah

    @jeffreykedwards Jeff, you nailed it. And I couldn't agree more. Thanks for you comments and I appreciate the kind words.

  • iloveutah

    @Chandra oh I know Idaho falls well, I'm sure it's an adjustment living in Germany. And thank you! I'll be sure to keep the Utah images coming! Thanks again Chandra.

  • joe_montoya

    I do too Kenyon. It brings up authenticity of the capture for me. I discovered a Polaroid at work with packs of unopened film. Thinking of what that next project will be.

  • iloveutah

    @Es_Dons Steven, that's way cool. I love your idea, a camera for a long period of time documenting as you go. I'm sure you have many memories on that camera. When you have it developed, create a Stellerstory, I'd love to see it.

  • iloveutah

    @maryfaletau Mary, great! You'll love the experience. And thank you so much. When you do. Post a Steller story, I'd love to see it.

  • iloveutah

    @joe_montoya very cool joe, when you form your project, please share on Steller, I'd love to see it.

  • jsmithphoto

    This is awesome! Thanks for the reminder to simplify and be present. It's easy to get consumed in capturing the best shot.

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  • theoldfort

    Great idea Kenyon!