Exploring the Red Centre

On Sunday, my roadtrip around Australia reached the heart of this huge country. Sitting in the south of the Northern Territory is one of the most recognisable natural landmarks in Australia and the world. ULURU

So maybe you recognise this place, but you are thinking... That's Ayers Rock?? Well, correct. However Ayers Rock was the name given to Uluru by European's when they came to Australia. The true name from the aboriginal owners of this land is Uluru, to me that is the only name it should have.

When you get up close to the rock, you get a tremendous feel of the power, size and meaning of this place. Walking around the base is a 10.6km walking track that lets you marvel at the rock from all angles.

Climbing the rock is allowed, however I definitely wouldn't. Uluru is a sacred sight for the aboriginal owners of this land. To climb the rock is hugely disrespectful to them and their beliefs. It is kind of them to let thousands of tourists visit, so respecting their wishes is the least we can do.

I was fortunate to get rain during my visit to Uluru! Only 4% of tourists will see rain here. It's one of the driest parts of Australia with only 350mm of rainfall most years. When the rain came, the whole rock erupted into a series of spectacular waterfalls!

Pretty beautiful hey! I was also lucky enough to see this beautiful place from the air! A helicopter flight was the ultimate way to see the national park. It even flew over the stunning Kata Tjuta.

Kata Tjuta (the Olgas) is in the same national park as Uluru and is equally stunning in my opinion. You can't visit Uluru and not marvel at both!

Visiting the red centre has been on my bucket list for many years. To tick it off has been amazing. To witness Uluru in so many lights has been a breathtaking experience that I will never forget!

I even explored the area on camel back much like the first explorers many years ago!!!

My Uluru adventure is over, but it won't be forgotten! You can follow more of my adventures around Australia on Instagram. @trex.photography Or Facebook T-Rex Photography

Thank you to the aboriginal owners of Uluru for letting us see this magical place. #NTaustralia #seeAustralia

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