The sea is rough – one. The sea is rough – two. The sea is rough – three. Sea figure, stop dancing in the blue sea!

There are more than one billion bicycles in the world – twice more than cars! Do you know that in Sweden there are nearly 6 million bicycles for 10 million inhabitants! Bike in Swedish family is as important thing as TV set, for example.

We drove 16 km on bicycles, walked with alpacas, met Leontiev, dined in the eco 19th century restaurant, visited St Ibb's Church and Observatory on Ven island and now we are chasing seagulls in Landskrona!


White sand, excellent ice cream shops and the cutest, most coloful beach huts you could ever encounter. Could this really be Sweden? Yes! This is secret seaside: Beaches of Falsterbo in Sweden!

Aquatic procedures in pure men company.

The log with the filling. All goats are very inventive on Ven island.

Dear friends! Do you know that on Ven island in Sweden you can meet alpacas! They are domesticated mountain animals which can fear the touches of hands. Alpacas are very curious since birth – even too much, they can wound themselves, make extensive use of sense of smell.

One of the main attractions of Helsingborg is the Town Hall. Long ago it was used for Municipal Council meetings. Truly amazing architecture!

In the entire world the bread is the head of everything! But in Stockholm there is the first in the world hotel for… the bread ferment. For 30 dollars per week the personnel of hotel promise to worry about your tanks with the ferment and surround it by their care and love!

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