of San Francisco

“What’s your dream for your life?” “My idol is Kathryn Bigelow. I want to be a movie director who empowers women through the media because the media is the vehicle of how our society shapes itself. I’m growing up in the 21st century and not enough women are accomplishing what they want to achieve because we’re stuck in this patriarchal society shit. If I can get to the top and make bad ass films, or even just be a journalist and access the masses, then I can empower women.”

“Who’s been the biggest influence in your life?” “This is gonna sounds cheesy…but I’m gonna say myself. I’ve struggled with mental illness the last couple years and it all came from myself. I needed to shape up and get my shit together. I have my whole life ahead of me and I can’t sit in my room and cry when I’m upset. I’ve got to actually get out there and achieve my goals.”

“In the 60’s I was married with two kids. I loved my husband. He was my boyfriend since 7th grade and to this day we still click. We split up when he came out of the closet. That was okay because after he came out so did I. Then I packed up my bags and came to San Francisco. That was in 1972.”

“How long were you married?” “Well that’s hard to answer because we didn’t get divorced until the 80’s. I called him one time, I used to always call him, and one of his boyfriends, John, told me he was out with ‘that bitch Stephanie’-“ “Who’s Stephanie?” “I’m bout to tell ya. So he pulls up at that moment and comes and gets on the phone and says, ‘Donna, I’m glad I caught you. I’m getting married.’ And gay people couldn’t get married back then so I thought maybe him and John were having some sort of ceremony so I said, ‘John didn’t say anything about it’ and he said, ‘That’s because I’m not marrying John, I’m marrying Stephanie.’ Then I started laughing, but he wasn’t laughing so I stopped and said ‘You have my congratulations or deepest sympathies, whichever one fits.’ When he was walking down the aisle all the hair dressers were in church asking, ‘If he was gonna be with a woman, why didn’t he stay with Donna? She was cool.’ My kids were all traumatized and they asked me, ‘Mom, you’re not going straight are you?’ I told them, ‘Oh baby, you’re daddy’s confused, I’m not’.”

"She likes to blow kisses."

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