Dear sisters,


I'm almost leaving again for another 10 months away. I will try to call every day... to hear about your day, to tell mom not to worry, and to tell that I miss you A LOT!


I miss our little adventures, I miss our insta missions, I miss our pancakes nights, I miss too much...

Dear Marta,

I wish you a great first day at the new school! I wish I could be there to wake you up in the morning and make you your favorite breakfast!

Dear InΓͺs,

I'm so proud of you, this last year you worked so hard to get good grades and you did it! Now is your last year of high school, it's almost over girl! With your strength you're going to get through this!

The weekends is ours!

I'll visit you guys in the weekend when I'm free from school. And when I get back we'll on another adventure I promise! P.S. Tell mom I send πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹.

Lots of , Cristina Silva



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