Lake Laurentian Conservation Area

August 29, 2015

Good day for a hike

I get a little bit miserable when I go too long without a good outdoor adventure. The last few weeks, I've been working too much, and it's mostly been ridiculously hot. When I saw that today was going to be overcast and cooler, I jumped at the chance to take a break from city life.

We're fortunate in Sudbury to have an abundance of green spaces and lakes. Lake Laurentian Conservation Area is a great place to visit for an hour or the whole day. We chose to hike, but you can also bike or canoe.

First stop: the lookout

Next stop: Blackbird Swamp

A little bit of fun at the lake

Then the sky started looking pretty ominous...

Good timing

We made it back to the parking lot just as the rain started to fall. It may not have been the sunniest or prettiest day, but it was just what I needed. I'm thankful to have close access to so much green space and water and hope to get out hiking again soon!