I've just come back (I'm always just coming back from somewhere, hehe) from VIETNAM! For a change this wasn't just a chance to show off a wonderful destination but also to work with Helloworld Australia and Insider Journeys. They showed me the time of my life!


We started and ended in Hanoi. I usually struggle to photograph cities but in Hanoi I focused on the food, furry friends and details. Insider Journeys provided some wonderful city tours.


From Hanoi we drove to Mai Chau which was probably my favorite! We stayed at the Ecolodge and I took about a bazillion photos!


From Mai Chau we headed to Ninh Binh for two leisurely nights. I met some locals and photographed all manner of things!

Thanks to Helloworld we booked with Insider Journeys. Helloworld's famous catch phrase is that they are the #ExpertsInEverywhere and they're so far proving to be! Insider Journeys were the perfect choice for my first trip to Vietnam. Small group travel allows you to see more and a local guide makes the experience much more authentic.

A local roadside stop for sticky rice, purple corn and boiled eggs.

Being a jerk tourist in my local hat. 😂😂

They "LOVE" animals in Vietnam. 😳😂

When the water is as warm as the air. I love SE Asia! (Not me)

He has RICE on his nose! 😍😍😍

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And for those that love my random Steller ONLY selfies ...

BEER! 🍻🍻🍻

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  • tbyrnes

    Dang! Adding Vietnam to my list of places to go!

  • Hama_irfan

    is that just with iphone 😭 how you people do that with iphone only 😭

  • laurenepbath

    @tbyrnes haha, just add everywhere I go. It's all amazing! :)

  • laurenepbath

    @Hama_irfan these shots were all taken on a Nikon D810. :)

  • Hama_irfan

    haha that explains :p so great .. specially the flowers shot


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