New Zealand at a Glance

A little sneak peak at my year in a place that made my heart swell

I had the incredible chance to live, work and play in, what has now become, a country so near and dear to my heart. New Zealand was a dream and such an experience. I miss it daily and can not wait till I am able to return. (I may have cried just a little when I got on the plane to leave)

The vast mountains and rolling hills, beautiful rivers and waterfalls, hiking and rock climbing and of course ocean viewing always had my mouth open in admiration.

Not only where the natural visuals epic but the people of New Zealand were so kind, helpful and genuine.

I await the moment I am reunited with this remarkable country. More photos of my time in NZ can be found on my Instagram @Kelsuto or @stillnessinthemovement (iPhone only account) #stellerstories #outdoors #newzealand #stellartravel #stellerverse #travel #travelphotography #adventure

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  • tbyrnes

    I love New Zealand!

  • markmakesit

    I know exactly how you feel. It's a country that got under my skin and I have become a captive to it. I just can't wait to get back!

  • Kelsuto

    @tbyrnes it's so incredible!

  • Kelsuto

    @markmakesit I miss it every day since I left!

  • markmakesit

    @Kelsuto I keep thinking maybe every year for the remainder of my life I will go back one week every year

  • sanitapukite

    My favorite place that I want to visit!!

  • Kelsuto

    @sanitapukite 😊 it is an incredible place! If you ever have the chance most definitely go for it!!


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