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The Loft Amsterdam The Playing Circle | Summer 2015 Edition photos by © C-More Have you heard of The Loft Amsterdam before? It’s a great interior concept by Floris Koch, Kassandra Schreuder and Maarten van Huijstee. In a big, light and beautiful space in an old building in the center of Amsterdam this team curates a complete interior as if there actually lives someone. Someone with good taste! And keep your eyes and ears open: The Loft is only for a short time: 22 August 2015 – 6 September 2015.

It’s is really one of the best interior events I’ve seen. Not only the team picked out such unique and special items, also the styling is perfect. That’s what makes it so personal. For some a bit too personal, since people hesitate to actually pick up and buy the items they love. But please do: all items at The Loft are for sale. You can take most of them directly home with you. And if you’re not able to visit the loft in person, you can always order online at The Loft Shop

My personal favorites of The Loft summer 2015 are The many many books…. I’m a real book addict…. the stunning marble and green kitchen with blue steel wall by Eginstill, Dornbracht and Gaggenau the leather pillows and magazine baskets by Philomijn the leather strapped sofa by Stephen Kenn

Be inspired by the pictures I took of The Lofts Amsterdam summer 2015 edition. Enjoy!

I also visited The Loft by The Playing Circle last summer 2014 and during wintertime 2014. You can read the blogpost and see the many photos’s I took over here: The Loft by The Playing Circle Summer 2014 The Loft by The Playing Circle Winter 2014.

More information about The Loft: Enter The Loft + The Loft Amsterdam Facebook page

The Loft Amsterdam The Playing Circle | Summer 2015 Edition photos by © C-More You can visit my blog C-More Interieuradviesblog here.

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