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Private Jack White was born in Leeds in 1896 and was only 18 years old when he signed up to the Royal Lancaster Regiment. It was during the battle taking place on the 7th March 1917 that his unit were tasked with crossing the Dialah River, Mesopotamia. The two pontoons ahead came under heavy fire and when Private Jack White’s own had reached mid-stream, he found himself to be the only man neither injured nor dead. He bravely jumped overboard with a telephone wire tied around his waist and persevered under gunfire to pull the pontoon safely back to shore. He succeeded in saving the life of his commanding officer and also the valuable equipment aboard the pontoon.

On the 27th June the same year, Private Jack White was awarded the Victoria Cross, the highest and most prestigious honour which can be bestowed on British and Commonwealth forces, for his courageous actions.

After his service, he returned to Manchester and embarked upon an apprenticeship as a trainee pattern cutter at a local factory, rising through the ranks to become General Manager and then owner.

For over a century the factory, nestled in the heart of Manchester, has been lovingly handcrafting garments and for Spring/Summer 2016 it has morally & socially committed itself to continue doing so.

The Packaway Jacket is one of the 6 keylooks for the season using the world renowned Lora Piana Storm System fabric, an updated version of the Rainrider jacket using Ventile.

The stand out piece for the season is the 6 piece suit using the new ECOSEAM fabric. The ECOSEAM fabric has been developed by Nobel Prize winning scientists in the north of England. The state of the art technology has revolutionised the world of textiles by eradicating the use of environmentally harmful resins, oils and chemicals, making it 100% Eco friendly. Private White are proud to be the first brand to use this fabric in the UK.

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