My Wrigley. My Cubs.

You've probably already heard most stories about Wrigley Field and the Chicago Cubs. The 2nd oldest ball park. The century plus curse. Every sports fan's bucket list. And on and on. Here's my addition to the list.

As a kid growing up in the late 70s, I never went to ball games. That's what happens to an only child of Chinese immigrants. They're worried about rent and day care, not Cracker Jacks and 7th inning stretches. But in the mid 90s, I started dating a young lady who lived a block from Wrigley Field.

We'd go to games and sit in the bleachers, a.k.a. the world's largest beer garden. A few games at first. And then more.

After a few years of dating, we asked ourselves, it was just a question of time right? The Cubs would win a World Series, and soon. But it didn't happen, so we patiently waited. But as each season passed, the hopes faded. And the lush green ivy would disappear, leaving behind its sad, browned branches, covered with snow and despair.

But then optimism and promise would blow in each Spring.

And we'd look down onto the field and wonder "could this be the year?"

A new manager would emerge, bringing us energy and passion.

Players would come and go. Some I'd remember fondly, like Derrek Lee. Others would have their shirts reassigned to car wash duty (e.g. Carlos Marmol).

I'd keep many of the same traditions, like sneaking in beach balls. But things would change as I got older and out of shape (I lose my breath much quicker now). So I'd learn and evolve, like getting smaller balls...

...And bringing backups, because the stadium ushers will confiscate them, guaranteed.

But when the Cubbies lose, it still hurts just as much. The walk home remains long and lonely.

Every once in a while though, I'd catch a batting practice ball, certain it was a sign from above.

Although some balls I should've let go, like the time I fell into the basket chasing after one.

My judgement may or may not have been slightly impaired that day.

But that's what being a Cubs fan at Wrigley is all about. The ecstasy. The misery. The hope. The dreams. The heartbreak. The memories. So what ever happened to that young lady from the mid 90s?

We got married and are raising a next generation loyal Cubbie.

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