Glacier Gulch Hike

I just returned a couple days ago from a few days of holiday with my family. So it was time for some ME time that involved hours of hiking and lots of sweat.

I was grateful to have Susie with me.

The spot I filled up a water bottle.

Bigger rocks the higher you go.

Getting close to my goal.

Pausing to enjoy the beauty below.

Up close and personal with power.

Motion: far and near.

Trail markers on the way down.

Susie, waiting for me on the path.

Another trail marker.

Treat time!!!

Nature's salad bowl.

Necessary pole plant.

It started to rain on the way down.

Heavenly promise.

Looking up into the mist.

The very slick path headed down.

Back safe and sound.

Today's cardio glutton.

Susie enjoying the breeze.

Sweet sustenance.

Setting a good example.

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  • sarahbelle

    Awesome story, Curtis. It looks so peaceful.

  • photistry

    @sarahbelle thanks very much for taking the time to let me know your thoughts. It was a great way to spend a few hours in nature.

  • iloveutah

    #14, wild blue berries? Cool story