Over the past 5 years, photographer Neil Buchan Grant has set aside much of his travel and landscape work to focus on portraiture, often of women.

"There's something endlessly fascinating about a face, it's primal, a flickering, human connection you just can't find in a landscape"

"at some point a subject will often reach a place of ease, centred and confident, when they throw you that special look"

"...and for a nanosecond my sad little brain thinks, "that look was just for ME..!...😍😍😍"

"the romantic movie icons of the 30's and 40's had an unfortunate and indelible influence on me"

"if you were weened on old B+W movies like I was, you'll be searching for that look all your life"

"...but beauty by itself is often lacking without strength, character and attitude"

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  • annamarie

    This is stunningly beautiful. Every shot a perfect portrait. Loved it.

  • buchangrant

    Thanks Annemarie!.☺️

  • PaulGriffiths

    Superb set of images.

  • _inlni_

    Really nice one love it

  • RammellPhoto

    This is why I think you're up there with the best of them Neil. Continuously stunning portraits.

  • buchangrant

    Thanks for all the lovely comments


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