40 Years With Pendleton

This is Greenie, a Pendleton wool camp blanket that has spent the last 40 years adventuring with me and my family.

A well-crafted wool blanket is a treasure, a warm companion that will go anywhere and last a lifetime. This is Greenie's story. Words by @kapowder

Greenie became mine three birthdays ago. I unwrapped a big cardboard box to discover the beautiful green woolen blanket with bold red and saffron stripes, a sight that was familiar to me.

Greenie had belonged to my aunt and uncle for nearly 40 years and accompanied them on countless picnics, river trips, and camping excursions. But then Greenie spent 7 years cooped up in the garage. My aunt finally decided that Greenie was ready for a change of scenery, and would make the perfect birthday present for her rambling niece. It’s still one of the best gifts I’ve ever received.

Greenie is always on my packing list.

Together we go camping, stargazing in the desert, skiing, and road tripping.

We're always ready for whiskey picnics...

...or chilly mountain evenings.

Greenie keeps my friends warm...

...even the wet, furry ones.

Greenie is perfect for picnics and making big plans.

Greenie is #goatworthy

A frayed edge and a few holes from wayward sparks tell of Greenie's ramblings. But these scars are the tokens of 40 years spent with me and the folks I love.

Crafted in the gentle rolling hills of Eastern Oregon, in the frontier town of Pendleton, Greenie is a symbol of the culture and heritage of the American West. For over 100 years and six generations of family ownership, the Pendleton Woolen Mill has created woolen goods to last decades.

With good care, Greenie will someday be 80 years young and I can pass my heirloom off to another adventurous loved one, as my aunt did for me.

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