In 2011 I bought a camera and taught myself how to use it by walking around taking street portraits. I set it to manual and experimented with different portraiture styles. I feel like this was the first great portrait I ever took. This man seemed to be in motion and also have tremendous stillness. There was something ethereal and eternal about his presence.

I set out to find that connection with others. My focus was their inner world. At first it was intimidating to try to connect with strangers. I felt like they were only showing me part of themselves.

I crossed paths with this man, Storm. He did tarot readings with X-Men cards. Only in San Francisco right? He looked into my soul, raised my vibration, and granted me deeper, clearer vision.

I wasn't looking at people anymore, I was looking into them.

Now I was having fun. I was meeting all sorts of people and noticed they often reflected my internal state.

I was learning a lot, and getting invited to do a lot of really cool shit. It was what I always dreamed California would be.

I found my stride and started composing the pictures more.

I also witnessed a lot of suffering.

I felt some hard realities of life. Like meeting this sex worker and this pimp.

I started internalizing my experiences and it overwhelmed me. I went deep into the darkness and got really depressed.

Then my mom came to visit and guided me out of that like only a mother can. I didn't realize how psychedelic she was until that trip. She's definitely got some mystical powers.

All that psychedelic energy exploded out of my third eye and took me to a higher level of consciousness.

Life became more vibrant, full of color and clarity.

I felt like I had found the secret of life and everyone would silently acknowledge it.

With this new peace I was able to deeply listen and hold space for others awakenings.

This project has been an incredibly transformative journey. Through it I've realized that when we connect we realize at the deepest parts of who we are, we're all the same. We take turns listening, supporting, and loving each other towards greater states of awareness. Now there are over 150,000 people following this journey. Connect with us here Or on FB: Or Instagram: β€Ž@soulsofsociety

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