Donegal Ireland

Wild Atlantic Coast

Our adventure begun on the opposite coast, County Down in NI on the East coast, in Newcastle on the edge of the beautiful Mourn Mountains, after catching up with friends and family we set off " Into the West" Our destination the pretty village of Adara in county Donegal and a few days exploring the Wild Atlantic Coastline and beyond. I have always been drawn too this place, I don't know why but it feels very familiar like I've spent time here before, it's strange but pleasant feeling one I embraced and throughly enjoyed.

The Finn River

Glengash Pass

Irish Comforts

Nairn Beach

The lure of this part of Ireland is the remoteness and the fact that is still untaimed by mans hand, the roads are small and mostly suitable for 1 car which makes it fun along the cliff edges, the wildflowers grow in abundance and the weather can change before your very eyes. More than any of that then people are so very welcoming and warm, and there rich Irish heritage runs proudly through there veins.

Rolling storms on the Atlantic


Slieve League

Me enjoying the wind and wildness

I can understand why such Amazing literature and poetry has come from these shores. It's hard not too feel small here and dwarfed by its beauty and ferociousness yet overwhelming inspired by its uniqueness and stunning wilderness, it is truly a wonderful and yet harsh place to survive. Can't wait to come back and explore more of this Wild Atlantic Coast.

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